Our Story

The Flatiron


...And then it all becomes clear - the world you believe in is real. 

While the news portrays life spinning down a funnel of inevitable chaos, we wake up to floating clouds dancing over a horizon of snow-covered San Francisco peaks. Each morning is filled with smiling friends and neighbors, usually accompanied with a heart-felt hug and happy wishes.

In Jerome, it is not uncommon to lose track of time. We are free spirits living simple lives a mile high above the daily grind. We are dreamers and artists and rebels with a cause, always remembering to pause and smell the roses.

We are honored and humbled to carry on the tradition of The Flatiron. Our cafe's walls breath the history of several Jerome eras, making this one of the longest running businesses in our community. We look forward to serving our families, neighbors & strangers (soon to be friends) in this new chapter of our home:

The Flatiron, Jerome.


With Love,

Chad Hembrough & Abby Rothwell